Visual collaboration for the future workplace.

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Get the full overview at a single glance.

DEON is an infinite workspace for visual collaboration. It keeps all your related files, images, documents, spreadsheets, tasks and comments visually together on a zoomable workspace.

You can see immediately how things are related and what's most important. Just zoom in and start editing.

All your team collaboration in one place.

Invite colleagues to your workspaces and work together in realtime - anytime and anywhere. Collaboration on digital content has never been this simple and intuitive.

Pick up where you left off.

The DEON workspace is persistant. Whenever you or your colleagues enter the workspace, everything is still in its place. Versioning allows you to go back to any previous state.

Drag and drop screenshots and files.

With the screen-capture tool, you can take a picture of any on-screen content and drag it into your project. The screenshot keeps linked to the original source (like a website). Drag and drop documents, images, videos or even whole interactive websites into your project.

Use whiteboarding tools.

Deon provides a variety of tools for drawing, sketching and creating shapes.

Presentations in a breath.

Create impressive presentations from your project contents in a few clicks.